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Traveling the World with Just a Backpack: Our Top Tips

Getting out and seeing the world is one thing, but doing so with just a backpack is an entirely different experience. You’re limited in what you can bring with you, and that makes you think a bit harder about what’s truly essential.

Today, we’re going to walk you through several tips to help you do this safely, comfortably, and smoothly.

Let’s get started.

1: Consider How Long You’ll Be Traveling

The length of your trip will influence a lot of the other factors we’ll be talking about going forward, and it’s something you should be aware of.

You can break this down into 3 categories in most situations.

  • Weekend: An overnight or two-night trip.
  • Average Getaway: 5 or more days.
  • Long-Term Travel: Two weeks or longer.

For the most part, this is going to change the size of the travel backpack you’ll need and the items you bring along.

2: Prioritize Your Belongings

You won’t have the luxury of carrying around things you won’t use or don’t need when you’re living out of your backpack. Only the absolute essentials can go with you.

Mostly, this means your clothing, basic hygiene items, some snacks, a water bottle, and your most important tech including a laptop or tablet and a way to keep your phone charged. If you’re doing something such as hiking or exploring the outdoors, basic emergency items might be necessary, too.

Think about what you’ll be doing and exactly what you’ll need, and then figure out what you cannot go without. Everything else can stay at home.

3: Protect Your Electronics

Many high-quality backpacks now have tech compartments, and they’re designed to protect your electronics while allowing you to access them quickly, as well.

A tech compartment is a fold-out compartment that typically has a sleeve for a laptop, a sleeve for a tablet, and a pocket or two for accessories. Make sure you check the size of the sleeves to ensure your tech will fit in them. Most tech compartments are built for 15.6-inch and 17-inch laptops. Tablet sleeves are usually 12.6 inches.

Since we all rely on our tech so much in the modern world, this is a must-have feature for any travel bag you purchase.

4: Get Expandable Storage

Some backpacks now have what’s called “expandable storage”. Usually, this is when the main compartment can either stretch or otherwise be expanded to hold more stuff.

If you’re traveling abroad with just your backpack, you’re going to pick up new things and want to take them with you. Having expandable storage as an option ensures you can set up your backpack with everything you need and still have some room for souvenirs or necessary items while you’re abroad.

men's business backpack

5: Oxford Cloth is the Best Material

Make sure your backpack is made of Oxford cloth. This is a synthetic material that looks and feels very similar to leather, but it has some major advantages.

Oxford cloth is windproof, tear-proof, and waterproof. This makes it extremely resistant to the elements and likely to last a lot longer than other backpacks.

6: Don’t Pack a Lot of Clothes

Even if you’re going on a longer trip, you want to minimize the number of clothes you bring. Clothes take up a lot of space, and they’re heavier items. This will ultimately lead to you being less comfortable carrying your bag around, and you won’t be able to carry many more useful things.

Instead, focus on bringing a couple of changes of clothes, and make sure you know where you can wash what you have.

7: Get the Best Carry-On Travel Backpack

The TSA guidelines outline carry-on bags as less than 22x14x9 inches in overall dimensions. Since you’ll be flying, you want to get a bag that is within that restriction, or you’ll end up spending more, getting separated from your bag, and potentially dealing with a lot of stress if something happens to it.

By ensuring your bag is carry-on friendly, you can keep it with you at your seat and access it whenever you want.

8: Use a Power Bank with Your Tech Compartment

While you’re abroad, you’ll need to carry a power bank to ensure your phone doesn’t die. Many good travel backpacks include USB charging ports that you can use with a power bank and charge your phone and other electronics on the go.


9: Use a Rain Cover

While Oxford cloth is waterproof and zippers tend to block out water extremely well, a rain cover is still an essential item for any travel backpack. Not only will it ensure that rain does find its way in, but it also helps keep your backpack clean and protects the most vulnerable part of the main zipper system from dust, grime, and debris.

This can greatly reduce the amount of regular maintenance you have to do, and it can help you keep your bag looking great for years to come.

10: Lock Your Backpack

It’s unfortunate, but even a simple petty theft can wreak havoc on your life when you’re traveling the world. You can solve that with a locking backpack.

The lock system is quick and easy. So, it doesn’t slow down your access to the backpack, but it will keep all the items you’re relying on while you’re abroad safe.

Check out this anti-theft backpack for one that meets most of the requirements listed in this article.

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