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Top 6 Most Durable and Rugged Travel Backpacks

For some trips, a simple, elegant, business backpack is more than enough, but it’s often the case that you find yourself doing things that are a bit more “active”. When you travel across the world to experience hiking the tallest mountains, adventuring wild landscapes, or just making your way through the roughest urban landscapes, you need a travel rucksack that can take a beating.

The following 6 suggestions are the top-rated travel backpacks on the market, and each one is loaded with features that are sure to meet all your travel needs.

Take a look.

1: BANGE Large Travel Backpack for Men

The BANGE Large Travel Backpack for Men is a larger travel rucksack backpack measuring 13″x17.7″x7.5″ backpack designed for long-term comfort and reliability.

This bag’s large capacity is more than enough to carry a reasonable supply of items for a longer hike such as your snacks, emergency items, electronics, and personal items. Since most people looking for a rugged backpack tend to take part in rougher activities and require more stuff to get by, this is a key feature.

To add that, this large travel backpack also has spacious side and front pockets for smaller items that you need to get to without having to dig through everything in the main compartment. This can be useful if you’re outdoors and frequently need to access your fire kit or want to have immediate access to crucial first aid items.

Finally, the shoulders and backing of the bag are padded with breathable padding to ensure a comfortable experience even if you’re carrying a heavy load for long periods of time.

2: BANGE Smart Leather Laptop Backpack

This BANGE Smart Leather Laptop Backpack is easily the best backpack for European travel if you need something rugged.

This 12.2”x18.9” backpack is made of genuine cow leather, and while it’s not the largest backpack in the BANGE product lineup, it has several features that make it perfect for European travel.

First, the leather fabric makes it incredibly durable and stylish. So, it doesn’t matter if you go hiking in the countryside or you have to navigate the bustling cityscapes, this bag will fit right in. It’s also more streamlined than other travel rucksacks. So, it’s easier to move through tight places without being a nuisance.

There are multiple exterior pockets for you to store your glasses, phone, wallet, and other essentials securely, and there’s even a charging port you can use with a power bank.

For a rugged backpack that is also stylish, this is your best bet.

3: BANGE Extra-Large Capacity Laptop Backpack with Rain Cover

As we said, you likely want a more rugged travel rucksack because you’re going to be out doing more physical activities than usual while you’re traveling. Well, this BANGE Extra-Large Capacity Laptop Backpack  provides some unique benefits you won’t find with the other packs.

First, it’s extremely large.13.7×10.6×21.6-inch size puts it right at the edge of the TSA’s guidelines requiring bags to be smaller than 22x14x9 for carry-on luggage. That means it’s a little more difficult to walk in tight spaces, but you also get a lot more room for your necessities and tech.

This bag also has an expandable pocket to increase storage capacity, a quick-access pocket, and a compartment that can hold both a 17-inch laptop and a 12.9-inch iPad or tablet.

Not only is this bag made of Oxford cloth for waterproof, tear-proof, and windproof protection, but it also has a rain cover to fully prevent water from getting into the bag if you get caught in the rain.

4: BANGE 17-Inch Laptop Weekender

If you want to combine the benefits of a big travel backpack and a laptop bag, the BANGE 17-inch Weekender is a great choice. It combines size and capacity with a streamlined design and tech features you’re going to love.

This travel rucksack is made of Oxford cloth to provide a secure windproof, waterproof, and tear-proof home for your electronics and personal belongings, and at 11.8×5.9×18.5 inches, it has more than enough space to accommodate all your needs for a weekend getaway.

The tech compartment opens 180 degrees for easy access, comes with a USB charging port that you can use with a power bank, and can hold up to a 17-inch laptop.

This is also combined with a more streamlined design to keep it from getting in the way whether you’re hiking, moving through a busy subway, or going to a business meeting.

5: BANGE Waterproof Backpack and Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment

With a massive overall capacity, multiple carry methods, and a built-to-last design, the BANGE Waterproof Backpack and Duffle Bag is a must-have item if you’re traveling itinerary is going to be a bit more active than a normal vacation.

At 21.3x11x9.4 inches overall, this multipurpose duffle bag provides ample space regardless of your needs. It even has a shoe compartment for hiking boots, formal shoes, or anything else you might have to change into throughout your journey.

Other than that, you get multiple side pockets, and the carry straps can be adjusted for backpack carry, handle carry, or crossbody carry.

6: BANGE Heavy Duty Travel Backpack

The BANGE Heavy Duty Travel Backpack is going to suit a similar use as the duffel bag we mentioned above. It’s big, provides tons of room, and it’s rugged enough for anything from hiking in the European countryside to climbing mountains.

Its 20x15x10.5-inch dimensions give it a considerable capacity, but the traditional backpack style of this bag makes it more manageable to carry. The Oxford cloth used to make it is waterproof, tear-proof, and windproof while reducing overall weight, and breathable padding ensures a comfortable experience.

Beyond having multiple side pockets and water bottle sleeves, you also get a tech compartment that can hold a 17-inch laptop, and there’s a USB charging port to make on-the-go charging easy.

Choose BANGE Backpack Oxford Cloth Travel Bags for a Durable Travel Rucksack You Can Trust

With most of our travel rucksacks being made of Oxford cloth, design features that work for outdoor adventures, vacations, and business trips, and all the latest tech features you need, BANGE is your go-to source for the best-rated travel bags.

Shop at BANGE Backpack today.

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