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Top-10 Features for the Ultimate Travel Backpack

At BANGE Backpack, we know quite a bit about what it takes to make the top travel backpacks. That’s our specialty.

However, we know a lot of new travelers aren’t backpack experts, and it can be a little daunting to figure out what you need to get through your trip.

To help you understand what separates good travel backpacks from the best of the best, here’s a comprehensive list of the top 10 features every ultimate travel backpack will have.

1: Oxford Cloth

The top recommended feature to look for is Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth is a form of synthetic leather. It looks like leather, feels like leather, and is just as durable and strong as leather.

However, Oxford cloth is also waterproof, tear-proof, and windproof. So, it can resist the elements a lot more than most other fabrics.

On top of that, it’s a lot lighter than leather. The average Oxford cloth bag from BANGE weighs less than 2.6 pounds. This means that you can carry it longer without fatigue, avoid back problems, and generally be more comfortable.

All of this comes together to make Oxford cloth the best possible material for any travel backpack.

Here’s a look at the Men’s 17-inch Laptop Weekender from BANGE so you can see how beautiful Oxford cloth is.

2: Breathable Contact Zones

You don’t need the entire backpack to be “breathable”, but the parts that make contact with your body 100% should be.

Breathable mesh will keep you from sweating more than necessary, you won’t feel as hot, and in general, you’ll be more comfortable.

Considering you might be wearing your backpack for a long period throughout your journey, this is crucial.

3: Tech Compartment

A tech compartment is an absolute must. You’ll likely have your phone in your pocket, but what about your tablet, laptop, and all your other accessories?

A tech compartment is a special part of high-quality backpacks specifically designed to hold those items in a way that keeps them organized and secure.

A dual-sleeve tech compartment is the most desirable. This is when the compartment has a sleeve for a laptop and a separate sleeve for a tablet. Even if you only use one of those things, you end up with a second tech pouch for accessories.

4: 180-Degree Tech Compartment

 Tech compartments are becoming more and more popular, but if you want the best tech compartment possible, you want to look for one with a 180-degree opening.

With this feature, the tech compartment is usually located on the exterior of the backpack where it lays against your back. You unzip the compartment, and it folds out 180 degrees.

This makes it super easy to access your tech at a moment’s notice, you don’t have to dig through anything, and its location is the safest part of the backpack.

5: USB Charging Port

A USB charging port is a small porthole that allows you to run a USB cable from your backpack to an electronic device in the tech compartment or outside of the bag. You put a power bank in a compartment near the power to power it.

This is crucial because it ensures that you keep your smaller, most important, electronics charged at all times. Of course, it won’t help something like a laptop, but it will keep your phone, headphones, tablet, and similar electronics charged at all times.

6: Water Bottle Sleeve

If you’re looking for a business travel backpack, this might not be necessary. However, if you’re on vacation in a new place, using the bag as a hiking travel backpack, or anything like that, you need to have water on you at all times.

Water bottle sleeves are mesh sleeves on the outside of the bag that you put a water bottle in. They’re on most backpacks, now.

7: Front and Side Exterior Pockets

You need extra pockets to store smaller items without having to organize them all in the main compartment. The more a bag has, the more expanded storage you have.

It’s ideal to get a backpack that has at least one on each side and one or two on the front of the backpack. The more options you have, the more you can organize your stuff and keep everything quick to access.

8: Expanding Storage Compartment

This feature is a bit harder to find than some of the other features we’ve mentioned. It’s a relatively advanced feature found in the main compartment. If you need more space, the compartment expands.

This can nearly double the amount of storage space you have in the main compartment, and the only trade-off is that the bag is a big bulkier when the expansion feature is used. In most circumstances, that’s not a deal breaker.

9: Rain Cover

A rain cover is a built-in flap that goes over the top of the bag. This keeps water from entering the backpack through the zipper system and getting your stuff wet.

In heavy downpours, this can be essential, and you never know what you’ll bump into when you’re traveling abroad.

10: Password Number Lock

Finally, a lock system is a key feature if you want the best of the best. You’re buying this as a business travel backpack or a travel rucksack for while you travel abroad, and you cannot afford to have your stuff stolen while you’re thousands of miles from home.

This lock system ensures your stuff is kept secure, and when you want to access the backpack, you just put in your code.

Why Choose BANGE Backpack?

If you want to get the ultimate travel backpack the easy way, BANGE Backpack is the place to go. We have top-rated travel backpacks that have all the features we mentioned here, and almost all of them are made of Oxford cloth for all the benefits we mentioned earlier.

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