BANGE Work Backpacks

For professionals in many top industries, a proper work backpack is absolutely essential. With spacious compartments, multi-layered separation of pockets, and a flexibility-based design, getting the best BANGE work backpack for women, or men’s work backpack will completely change the way you approach business trips, work commutes, and more.

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Showing 1–12 of 29 results

What is a Work Backpack?

A work backpack can be a variety of things, but mostly, you’ll want one if you work in the business sector. When you go on a big business trip to check the progress of a new project or manage the progression of an expansion, you need a variety of materials and your own personal belongings. That’s what a work backpack is for. You’ll also see them often used by those who have to commute to work with plenty of work-related materials.

What Size Work Backpack Do You Need for the Best Business Travel Backpack?

The size of the business backpack you buy depends greatly on how much you intend to carry. If you’re looking for a commuter backpack to simply carry your work-related materials to and from work on the bus or subway, a commuter backpack is the product for you. You’ll receive a spacious main compartment with several smaller compartments for your everyday needs, but it will still be streamlined and lightweight to ensure it stays out of the way.
If you’re the type of business professional who has to go on long business trips to ensure company projects are being handled correctly, you probably need a larger business travel backpack upwards of 40 liters or even up to 60 liters to make sure you have enough room for the clothes and personal items you’ll require throughout your trip.

Are There Work Backpacks for Men and Women?

Work backpacks tend to be unisex. The design approach focuses on sleek lines and neutral color schemes to ensure each bag fits into a professional business atmosphere. 40-liter bags are standard with 20 and 60-liter bags being used in special situations when more or less is needed, but in general, you can get the best business backpack for men or the best business backpack for women in the exact same designs with some options focusing more on feminine or masculine traits.
For the most part, a work backpack will work both functionally and fashionably for both men and women.

What to Look for in a Work Backpack?

With a work backpack, especially if you’re looking for the best work backpack, you want to look for a few key features. First, heavy Oxford cloth or waterproof Oxford cloth is absolutely necessary. It ensures that you get a high-quality bag that will last for years, and with the right treatment, it might even prevent water from entering and destroying your work materials.
Then, you have to consider features such as extra compartments, tech compartments, and the addition of water bottle nets.