BANGE Travel Backpacks

A good travel backpack is essential if you’re going to be flying anywhere. Especially a TSA-friendly travel backpack that meets TSA regulations while still allowing you to carry all your most essential items. Our BANGE travel backpacks are the best available with room for clothes, laptops, hygiene items, and more.

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Showing 1–12 of 31 results

What’s the Best Travel Backpack for You?

Bange offer a wide variety of the best travel backpack options available. From a minimalist small travel backpack for simple day trips, to large travel backpacks and specialized travel bags for more demanding trips. Which one is best for you, though?

Well, the best travel backpack is going to come down to what you’re using it for. Each bag is made to meet a specific need, and you’ll need to determine what you’re actually doing before you commit to buying one.
Here are some of our most popular options and who they suit best.

Best Laptop Travel Backpack

When you’re going on a vacation or similar type of trip, your biggest concern is going to be packing your laptop. For that, you need a bag equipped with a large enough tech compartment to protect a full-sized laptop, and enough space in the other compartments to hold all your essentials.
Per TSA guidelines, you can carry any bag measuring less than 22x14x9 onto the plane and put it under your seat. Larger bags have to go into overhead storage. So, if you want to be able to pull out your laptop, play some games, get work done, or do anything else during your flight, you’ll want to get a travel backpack that meets that size requirement.

Best Business Travel Backpack

When you’re sent on a big business trip, whether you’re checking the progress on a new location across the country, or you’re handling negotiations for an international expansion, you’re going to need a large travel bag. You’ll likely be carrying presentation materials, contact information, references, and more to facilitate the project goals, and that’s on top of your everyday needs.
A 40-liter travel bag for men can make the perfect business travel bag. With spacious compartments for all your business materials and plenty of room for your essentials, you’ll have everything you need. However, if you go over the size limit, it might end up in overhead storage.

Carry On Travel Backpack

For most trips, you’re going to want a simple carry-on travel backpack that is small enough to help you avoid expensive luggage fees, but large enough to accommodate all your necessary personal items.
Key features to look for are water bottle holders, tech compartments, and similar features that allow you to take a more flexible approach to packing for your trip.