BANGE Messenger Bags

BANGE messenger bags are small, but highly capable bags that are meant to prioritize necessary functionality over appearance or any other factor. Our BANGE men’s small messenger bags mix capacity with comfort to ensure you get the best messenger bags possible without breaking the bank or sacrificing must-have items throughout your day.

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Showing all 10 results

What is a Messenger Bag?

A messenger bag is meant to be a smaller bag that you carry every day. It’s like a modern-day fanny pack. It’s small, but if you truly prioritize the things you’re carrying, it has more than enough room for everything with more space.

This is more of an everyday bag that you use to carry what you need on a daily basis whereas, what you’d carry in a travel bag or something else, would be more specialized.

In general, a messenger bag is supposed to be a day bag that carries things such as your electronics, daily necessities, and work or school-related items without taking up a lot of space. However, it can also be used for more specific reasons such as a hiker’s medical or food bag, a tech bag, or whatever else you can think of without taking up much space or weighing too much.

What is the Best Messenger Bag for Men?

The best messenger bag for men, or the best messenger bag for women for that matter, is the one that handles your normal everyday needs without feeling inadequate. A messenger bag is supposed to be small and out of the way. So, smaller options are typically best.

Usually, the best messenger bags will be around 9×7.5×2.4 inches. That doesn’t seem like a lot compared to the massive main compartments of large travel packs, but it’s more than enough for a table, several accessories, and the minor items you need throughout your day. Any larger, and a messenger bag can quickly become cumbersome. In that situation, you need a backpack rather than a large messenger bag.

What Makes a Good Messenger Bag?

The primary compartment of a messenger bag is large and capable of carrying the bulk of your daily needs. However, a couple of extra compartments are necessary to help separate different bits of gear from the majority of your stuff.

Oxford cloth is also a key component. It’s durable, looks exceptionally professional, and will last for years. You can even get our messenger bags in waterproof Oxford cloth to ensure that your electronics and sensitive items don’t get ruined by water.

All our messenger bags come with adjustable straps that ensure you can place the bag in the most comfortable position for you without it flopping around or otherwise creating a problem that most don’t want to deal with.