BANGE Duffel Bag

A BANGE duffel bag is a large bag with multiple carry options, and it typically focuses on putting as much space as possible in the main compartment with minimal side compartments. These are also known as sports bags, gym duffle bags, and similar terms because they’re often used in those settings.

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Showing all 3 results

What Sets a Duffle Bag Apart from Other Travel Bags and Sport Bags?

The best BANGE men’s duffel bags fill a special niche that other bags simply can’t. While other bags focus on spreading capacity throughout multiple compartments for flexibility’s sake, a duffle bag provides an extra-large main compartment, and at most, some designs feature side pockets. This makes a duffle bag an excellent choice for a sports bag, travel bag, and other bag options for long trips or situations where you need a lot of storage.

What is the Right Size Duffel Bag?

If you’re looking for a carry-on duffel bag, you’ve come to the right place. Most duffel bags are over the standard TSA limits, but we provide a variety of duffel bags that maximize your storage space while ensuring you can check them as carry-on luggage and place them under your plane seat at minimal cost.

With that being said, the average duffel bag is at least 22x11x9.8 or larger. There are some options that are smaller if you only need enough room for a change of clothes or a few personal items, but you can also find much larger options that can fit a week’s worth of supplies with ease.

What’s the Best Type of Men’s Duffel Bag?

The traditional duffel bag is a long bag with a single main strap and secondary carry handles, but you can also buy the best wheeled duffel bags to make transporting heavy loads easy, gym duffel bags designed to hold your spare clothes and shower items, and even a waterproof duffel bag that makes it safe to carry your gear into the outdoors for an extended stay.

The best duffel bag for you will be the one designed around your specific intent to use it and your budget. If you need something for business, it might be worth choosing a design with more pockets for your business-related materials. If you’re simply trying to go to the gym every day, a smaller option with the main focus on the main compartment is more than enough.

Materials and Features to Look For

Oxford cloth and waterproof Oxford cloth are the best materials you can find for duffel bags due to their durability and resistance to wear, but you should also choose a design with a strap length that matches your torso for easy and comfortable carrying. If you’re going to travel on an airline, make sure your duffel bag meets your airline’s carry-on duffel bag limits