BANGE Crossbody Sling Bags

BANGE Sling bags are fast and easy ways to carry lots of things without weighing yourself down. A crossbody sling bag is a lot like the messenger bags you might know. They are 1-strap bags that hang from your shoulder for easy access and quick removal.

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Showing 1–12 of 29 results

What is a Sling Bag?

A sling bag is a large-capacity bag designed to be held on one of your shoulders and held around the waistline. With one bag, you can easily carry all your daily necessities, special items, and more, and unlike a backpack, you can easily slip a sling shoulder bag on and off without fighting straps or having to deal with other inconveniences that come with normal backpacks.

Who Needs a Sling Bag?

BANGE Sling bags are useful in a variety of situations. They can make great daily bags, business bags, or even the best hiking sling bag. The overall design is so flexible and useful that a sling bag can be used for pretty much anything.

However, there are a few demographics who benefit the most.

Primarily, if you’re commuting a lot or otherwise see yourself in a position where fast usage of your bag is a necessity, a sling bag reigns supreme.

What Can a Sling Bag Carry?

A sling bag isn’t meant to carry the whole house and the kitchen sink. It’s a smaller type of bag compared to a large-capacity backpack. However, it’s still extremely capable.

If you buy the best sling bag for men, you can expect to find a spacious main compartment of at least 12 inches, multiple smaller compartments, and a strap capable of helping most people adjust the bag positioning to whatever length they need. You can use your sling bag as a chest sling bag, waist sling bag, or even sling it across your back.

The compartments in a sling bag should be large enough to carry a full-sized iPad or similar tablet, and a multitude of accessories and daily necessities. This is a common trait of both the best sling bag for women and the best sling bag for men. So, regardless of your style, you’ll enjoy spacious compartments and plenty of room to carry necessities.

What Size Sling Bag is Best?

The size of the sling bag you need is largely dependent on what you need throughout the day, but in general, you can expect the best sling bags for men and women to be around the size necessary for a 9.7-inch iPad. Anything less, and you won’t be able to carry much.

The main factor to look at is the material. Oxford cloth and waterproof Oxford cloth are best. They provide durable protection from the elements and other items.